Mary West

Keyboards & Vocals ​

Born in Melbourne Australia, with a Greek heritage, Mary has lived in Tucson since 2001. She has a Bachelor Degree in Science and a Teaching Diploma. A true bi-linguist and as music counts as a language - then tri-linguist. Mary trained as a classical pianist from the age of 4. A Jill of many trades and a climber of several Corporate Ladders, which include Financial Auditing, Regional Operations Manager in the Telecommunications Industry, National Trainer and Greek Teacher. These days she is happy songwriting & teaching private piano lessons to children of all ages. Apart from keyboard and vocals, she is the Band Administrator, Treasurer, Songwriter and the Music Director for ROH Band.

Willy Smith

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals ​

Born in Baltimore MD., having lived and worked in Europe, Asia , the Middle East and numerous locations in the United States, Willy considers himself a child of the world. He has an MBA in Business Management, and a BS in Computer Science. After retiring from the United States Air Force, Willy completed a successful 19 year career as an Aerospace Operations and Systems Engineering Manager in Colorado. As a vocalist Willy has been performing in bands and theater productions since his teens. Having relocated to Tucson in 2016, Willy is very excited to explore the next step of his musical journey with the ROH Band and explore his songwriting!

Mark Mills

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mark is originally from Central Illinois, but has been calling Tucson home for the past several years. When he's not playing music, he's either at his day job as a Broadcast IT Administrator, or he's exploring the night sky as an amateur astronomer. His astrophotgraphy has been featured in print and on television. Mark has a diverse background of musical influences, and as a songwriter recorded an album in Nashville with Don McLean's band. You may find him at a sportsbar on Sundays cheering on the Green Bay Packers, but he'll be the first to say some years are harder than others. He's looking forward to his latest musical venture with the ROH Band.

Steve Shochat

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Steve, originally from New York, has been in Tucson since the 70’s. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and owns and runs the Cactus Flower Wellness Center on Oracle Road. Steve comes from a line of musicians, a trait he has passed on to his children, and has been involved in music most of his life & played in various musical groups. Apart from being our Bass Guitarist, he is also our Technical Guru / Advisor, Sound Engineer and is talented in several other instruments. We're not sure if there is a budding vocalist tucked away hiding somewhere in Steve, but we will keep encouraging him to pop out.

Mike Munsell


Mike is originally from Hampden Massachusetts and relocated to Tucson in 1984. He comes from a talented family where his father was a drummer before him and his mother a singer. From an early age, he played in marching & swing bands at school and studied at Julius Hart School of Music in Hartford CT. He played in various local bands in the Springfield Mass area as well as co-founded his own cat shelter with his wife Nancy. They now assist in the capture of feral cats here in Tucson to spay and neuter and of course re-release. We’re glad to have Mike back with ROH after a short stint with us in 2019!

Robyn Benson

Percussion ​

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Robyn has called Tucson home since 1974. Since the late 70’s Robyn and her family owned & operated a successful environmentally friendly residential building contract company. Now retired, Robyn is involved in community work. Robyn started African Drumming in 2002 after purchasing her first Djembe and then moved on to World Drumming, learning and working with many different percussion instruments.